Carbon Steel Black Plated Slotted Spring Pins din 1481

Certificate: ISO9001;SGS,3-1 CERTIFICATES Standard: DIN1481 GB879 ISO8752 Size: M0.5-M30 or And we also can customized for you, if you have special requirement. Class or Grade: Class/grade 4,5,6,8,10,12,SUS201,SUS304, Material: 1.Carbon Steel:C1008/C1010/C1015/C1030/1035/1045/40CR                2. Stainless Steel: AISI304,AISI316,AISI316L Finishing: 1.Plain or Protective oil.                 2.Zinc Plated:Write,Black,Blue,Yellow,CR3+,CR+6                 3.Chrome,H.D.G,Nickel Packing:Normal packing way: bulking in cartons, 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/ pallet (900kgs each pallet)               Also can pack products according to customers' requirement Used :Industrial/auto/Motorcycle/electronics/electric power/Toys/Sports goods/Machinery equipment etc. TYPE:  one chamfer /Two Chamfer Sample: We could provide samples for free, if we have the stock. Buyers pay freight, and could choose which one you want. We will send Deppon Express for no express delivery. After-sales Service: We will follow up every customer and solve all problems for you. 1) Nominal diameter (recommended hole diameter with tolerance field H12). 2) Unstrained diameter. 3) Minimum shear load single shear (left) / double shear (right) in kN. 4) Pins can be combined with other pin diameter or bolt/nut according to DIN 7349.   Also known as roll, tension, split, and expansion pins, these pins have a slot that presses closed when the pins are inserted so they don't flex after installation. Use them for fastening, pivoting, and holding. Squeeze pins closed and install them in a hole slightly smaller than the pin. Tension holds them tight against the hole wall. At least one end is chamfered to aid insertion. Breaking strength is measured as double shear, which is the force required to break a pin into three pieces. Steel pins have good strength. Pins with a black-phosphate or zinc-plated finish have some corrosion resistance. Spring pins (also called roll pins, tension pins, and expansion pins) are hollow and slotted across the length to facilitate tension. Spring pins are made of carbon spring steel, a pliable yet effective steel ideal for this pin's applications. Spring pins can be used for many jobs, including electrical connectors in circuits, terminals, actuators, wire harness fixtures, studs, hinges, fixing pulleys or gears to shafts, and more. They permit a wider tolerance than drive pins, taper pins, or collar pins because of their greater flexibility. In addition, the tapered ends of spring pins make them relatively easy to insert and drill.