Hexagon socket set screw with cone point din 914

Standard:Din914/Din915/Din916 Specification: M3-M20 or Custom Material: 35K,45#, 40Cr (SAE1045, 5140), SS304,SS316 Productive Process: Wire rod→Anneal→Acid cleaing→Draw wire→molding and rolling thread→Heat treatment→Surface treat →Packing Surface treat: Plain,Black oxide,Blue white zinc,Yellow zinc,Hot dip galvanized,Copper plating,Gold plating,Chromium Plating. Quality Control:Raw material inspect→process monitoring→Product test→Packaging check Certification:  ISO9001:2008    Packaging:product bulk in plastic bag→Carton box→Wood pallet Application:Wind tower,Nuclear power,Railway,Automotive industry,Construction,Electronic industry Delivery time: 7-30 Working day Payment terms T/T Delivery method by sea,by air or by express service

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*Drawings, photos and samples are welcomed. *We can according to your requirement or samples to do the product. *Any questions or need more information, please feel free to conact with us. *We are looking forward to have a good cooperation with you. *welcome to visit our factory!   A set screw is a unit of hardware designed to fasten one object inside of another. The set screw prevents relative movement between the two objects, which allows each to function as intended. These screws are generally made from brass or stainless steel, and are designed to pass through the outer object and rest against the inner object without passing through. The pointed end of a set screw may feature a variety of different shapes depending on the application. The most common is the cup point, which is slightly cupped to meet the surface of the inner object. It is used for permanent or semi-permanent installations, and provides a high level of security and control. Cone-pointed screws have a very sharp point that may penetrate the inner object to hold it in place permanently. While this type of fastener forms a very tight bond, it often causes damage to the inner object that may not be desirable in some applications. Contact us: Skype/WhatsApp:  +8618833059594  WeChat:+8618713913345                     Email:kathyli1126@aliyun.com