O C I L J T U type of Anchor Bolts

 Sleeve Anchor o c i l j t u Type Of Anchor Bolts


The anchor is manufactured with a zinc plated carbon steel body and expansion clip for premium performance. Nut and washer are included.

The one piece clip is formed around anchor , assuring full expansion for dependable , superior holding power. Expanding clip will not fall off in the hole .

This product is designed for consistent performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete, sand-lightweight concrete, concrete over steel deck, and grouted concrete masonry

This product has no high requirements for the depth and cleanliness of the concrete cavity, is easy to install, and is not expensive. Select the appropriate embedding depth according to the thickness of the solid top plate. As the embedding depth increases, the tensile force increases, and this product has a reliable expansion function. Body material: stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.

To obtain a reliable and huge tightening force, it is necessary to ensure that the clamp ring fixed on the gecko is fully expanded. And the expansion clamp must not fall off the rod or twist or deform in the hole.

The calibrated tensile values are all tested under the conditions of cement strength of 260 ~ 300kgs / cm2, and the maximum value of the safety load must not exceed 25% of the calibrated value.


Suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structures, metal profiles, floor plates, support plates, brackets, railings, windows, curtain walls, machines, beams, beams, supports, etc.

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