High Quality din 7344 spiral pin heavy duty Stainless Steel Spring Slotted Pin

Material:Zinc-plated, Nickel-plated, Natural color, Black oxide Size:D 0.8-16mm or Custom These spiral pins remain flexible after installation, so they absorb shock and vibration better than slotted spring pins. They work well in holes that are out of round. Use them for fastening, pivoting, and holding. Squeeze pins closed and install them in a hole slightly smaller than the pin. Tension holds them tight against the hole wall. The chamfered ends aid insertion. Breaking strength is measured as double shear, which is the force required to break a pin into three pieces. Passivated pins offer added protection against corrosion and oxidation. Inch pins meet ASME B18.8.2 specifications for material and dimensions. It is our goal to fully understand the requirements of our customer, internal as well as external, and deliver products and services that satisfy those requirements with the highest possible level of quality; to ensure this, We has established and will continue to maintain and improve a quality system meeting or exceeding the requirements of ISO 9001. Coiled Spring Pins are often used as hinge pins or alignment dowels, or to fasten two or more components to each other – such as a gear to a shaft. Coiled Spring Pins were specifically designed to address deficiencies associated with conventional methods of fastening such as threaded fasteners, rivets and other types of pins subject to lateral forces. Easily recognized by its unique coil cross section, Coiled Pins are retained by radial tension when installed into the host component, and they are the only pins with uniform strength and flexibility after insertion. Otherwise known as Spiral Pins, Coil Pins, Roll Pins, or simple Spring Pins, Coiled Spring Pins are available in both inch and metric sizes in a variety of materials and finishes from 0.8mm diameter up to 16mm in diameter. The Coiled Pin is available in three “duties” to allow choice for the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and diameter to suit different host materials and application requirements.