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 Carriage Bolts 316 Stainless Steel

Product Description

Carriage bolts are divided into large round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standard GB / T14 and DIN603) and small round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standard GB / T12-85) according to head size. A carriage bolt, a type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with external threads), needs to cooperate with a nut to fasten two parts with through holes.

Generally speaking, bolts are used to connect two objects, usually through a light hole, and need to be used in conjunction with a nut. A single connection does not work. The tool is generally a wrench. The head is mostly hexagonal, etc., and is generally larger. The carriage bolt is applied in the slot. The square neck is caught in the slot during installation, which can prevent the bolt from rotating, and the carriage bolt can move in parallel in the slot. Because the head of the carriage bolt is round, there is no design of cross-slots or inner hexagonal available power tools, and it can also play a role in preventing theft during the actual connection process.
Material: carbon steel, Q235, 45 # steel, stainless steel
Nominal diameter: 5mm--20mm
Length: 15mm--300mm
Surface treatment method: galvanized, chrome-plated, copper-plated, surface blackened


Stainless steel round head square neck bolts (carriage bolts) specifications: German standard DIN603

Specification for stainless steel small round head square neck carriage bolt: GB / T12-85

Specification for stainless steel big round head square neck carriage bolt: GB GB / T14-8

Carriage bolts are generally used for the marble installation of dry hanging parts. When tightened, the bolt rod will not rotate due to the square neck effect, which is convenient for fixing and installation. It is mainly used in some places where countersunk screws are required.

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