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The frame anchor is a new type of high-efficiency fastener, which can firmly fix the machine, doors and windows, structural parts,
equipment or various appliances on the wall, base or concrete foundation. Because of the advantages of using frame anchor, such as
simple installation, firm fixation, efficient construction, etc., more and more industries choose window gecko as the first choice
of fastening zero for corresponding construction projects, such as water heater, range hood, air conditioner, building curtain
wall, billboard, pipeline, fan, fire protection, water and electricity, wire and cable, machine, equipment, mechanical and
electrical ceiling, light steel keel installation,etc.


1. Material: Iron, steel
2. Size: 8*72-10*202
3. Sleeve Length: 72-202
4. Bolt finish: Znic plated. Secure
Metal Frame Anchors
1)Tapered expansion nut made from high grade znic alloy die casting.
2)Galaznized steel sleeves fitting with steel machine sctew and colors cap.
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