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Welding nut is a kind of nut suitable for welding outside the nut. It is generally made of weldable materials
and is thick and suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separate parts into one body. 
The metal is melted at high temperature and mixed After cooling down together, an alloy will be added in
the middle. The internal force is the role of molecular force, and the strength is generally greater than the
strength of the matrix. The experiment of welding parameters depends on the fusion size of the weld, 
and the welding parameters are adjusted according to the fusion size until the defects are eliminated. 
Of course, the quality of welding is related to the pre-welding treatment, such as cleaning, oil stains, etc.

A weld nut is a special type of nut specifically designed to be welded to another object (stud welding). 
There are various types for different applications.

Hex & square nuts
These nuts are very similar to standard square or hex nuts, but have a locating boss and welding projections. The bosses also keep weld spatter out of the threads
Q1.Can you provide customization service? A. Yes, JM initially manufactures standard bolts, nuts, screws, but in the past 11 years,JM has already developed successfully 580 customized parts in different sizes    Q2.What customs clearance documents can you provide?  A.Generally, we provide commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, inspection certificates,test report of the steel and CO (if needed). If you have other special requirements, please inform us, and we will find a solution for you.JM is capable of providing customized parts not only with single-process ,but also with a variety combined crafts..   Q3.Does every customized part need mould fee?  A. Not all customized parts cost mould fee. For example, a turning part does not need a mould yet requires the appropriate tools and fixtures. JM spends labor costs in making samples , therefore charges certain sample fees.It will be returned after placing an order  Q4.Where are your factories, can I have a visit?  A. JM has its factories.We have invested in multiple factories, which are mainly located in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province. You can visit the corresponding factories depending on the products to be purchased. Please feel free to visit our factories and give guidance. We can pick you up at the nearest airport or train station.